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Improving Attainment and Building Confidence
With White Rose Tuition

If you require a private tutor to work with your child, get in touch with White Rose Tuition. We are former teachers with over a decade of experience as private tutors in the Yorkshire area; committed to supplying a high standard of one-to-one online tuition. Our business has organically grown from our many years of working with students of all ages, from primary school children, to students studying for A-Level examinations. Whether your child needs to reach a certain level of attainment or simply requires a boost in confidence, we keep in close communication with all parties to ensure that students receive the right private tutor and a schedule that suits them.

Get in contact with White Rose Tuition if you are looking for an online private tutor with years of experience in one-to-one tuition.

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Online Tuition

The Department for Education has recently stated that, “high quality tutoring can make up as much as three months lost in learning.” 10th Nov 2020. User-friendly one-to-one online tuition can make a huge difference for students preparing for examinations in these challenging times. Gaps in learning due to lockdown need to be filled, and we make sure that students are up to speed by facilitating an engaging, bespoke learning process that incorporates an element of fun as well. Our main priority is to make sure that one-to-one sessions are enjoyable.

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Online Courses

We are preparing a range of online courses that are designed to perfectly complement all aspects of home learning. Just download the course you require and work through the lessons with your private tutor in a way that suits you. Available for students in primary school as well as those preparing for GCSEs and A-Level examinations.

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Face to Face Tutoring

White Rose Tuition is currently only operating online due to current nationwide restrictions in the wake of COVID-19. However, once normal circumstances resume, our private tutors across the whole of the UK can come to your home and work with you on a personalised schedule and in an environment where you feel safe.

One-to-one online tuition is available via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, allowing for learning to take place within a safe environment.

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How Do We Work?

Improve Attainment Level

If you are preparing for GCSE examinations or A-Levels and need help reaching a certain grade, our private tutors have a proven track record in bringing students to their required attainment level.

Boost Confidence

For younger children especially, attainment may be less important than improving one’s self-esteem in the classroom and with homework. We are specialists in bringing students out of their learning shells and giving them the best possible platform from which to thrive in school.




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Visit our tutor page to find the right private tutor for you. Our team covers everything from KS2 S.A.Ts to A-Level examinations. Don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about our tutors to ensure your child receives the precise kind of help they require.

White Rose Tuition provides high-quality bespoke online tuition for students of all ages who require help with a wide range of subjects. Take a look at our list of tutors and make an enquiry.

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