Vanessa Ankra

£25.00 per hour

English, Maths, Psychology

GCSE Maths and English

A Level Psychology

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I have recently completed my PGCE in Post compulsory education and currently work as a Lecturer in Health and Social Care. Before this and up to recently I have been tutoring Maths and English from Key Stage 1 to GCSE's with the occasional A level English and GCSE Science (biology).
My tutoring style is to first get to know your abilities and work through the things that you may struggle with. I work at the student's pace and make sure they understand before we move on. I continually assess as the weeks go by to make sure we are covering all areas. I am an illustrative teacher so I always give examples on the white board with pictures or with a scenario.
I enjoy teaching GCSE maths because when I was at school, I struggled until I started teaching, I realised how easy maths really was once I found what worked for me and this is why I make it imperative to get to know the student's learning styles as best as I can within the first session.
In my time as a tutor/teacher, I have been given the opportunity to work with different groups of students ranging from SEN to students with complex needs. In addition to this, I spent the majority of my time tutoring students who have been taken out of mainstream education due to various reasons and been a part of their homeschooling. I am proud to say all the students that I have encountered under these circumstances have passed their GCSEs or are on target



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