Stephen Lowrey

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History and Politics

A Level

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A FIRST CLASS history and politics degree holder, I have tutored over fifty A-level students since 2009. My last three students went from low grades to A`s in 2019.


My specialities this academic year:

The Making of Modern Britain 1951 - 2007 (AQA)

The Quest for Stability: Germany 1871 - 1991 (AQA)

Politics (AQA and Edexcel) covering UK, USA and Ideologies


My general experience:

Britain; society and politics, 1918 - 1951.

Tsarist and Communist Russia, 1855 to 1953.

Germany, 1870 to 1991.


If you decide to contact me, please detail the title of the exam and the theme/topic to be tutored and I will confirm if I can help.


I believe the key to successful exam technique is repetition of study and a thorough understanding of cause and effect in history.

Practice Makes Perfect - the more essay writing that takes place, the better I can assess progress and the more likely a good grade becomes. It is very important to gain a friendly rapport with the student, and I do believe my style of tutoring facilitates a good learning experience.


Two-way communication is very important - while some of the tutorials inevitably become lectures, I always want the tutee to provide thoughts and incites as to the `why?` of any study. History is composed of REAL people doing REAL things - there is always a line of logic to follow in understanding motives. Conversation must be central to all tutorials.

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