Henry Sainsbury


Maths, Physics, Chemistry

-GCSE - A Level

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I attended my local Grammar School for seven years to study GCSEs (13 A*s) and achieved A*s in my Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry A Levels before reading maths at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge.

I estimate I have delivered over 1000 hours of Maths, Physics and Chemistry 1-to-1 tutorials over the past seven years. I have worked as a part-time private tutor since 2013, taking on home-schooling and education consultancy responsibilities since 2017 and moving to full-time on graduating from the University of Cambridge.


Ranging from primary and KS3 maths right up to entrance exam level maths (STEP, MAT), I take great delight in watching my pupils succeed. I also have considerable experience working with and coaching (international) students through the University admissions process, with a focus on crafting an engaging and inspiring personal statement, good interview preparation and strong academic fundamentals.


Early Development Tuition – Sep 2013 to present

- Working with students in KS2 and KS3 is extremely rewarding, bringing a pace of development rarely seen so clearly with students in older years. At this age, students are so full of curiosity and willing to embrace new topics and ideas unreservedly.

- Case Study: Working with Robert, a 10-year-old, and his older sister, Jane, 13 years-old, was one of my most rewarding relationships to date. Robert was worried about the transition to secondary school and how his maths knowledge would fare and was keen to make sure he had a chance of being placed in the top set. Robert and I worked closely together on the full curriculum, taking time to understand which topics Robert had already grasped well, which allowed us to use our time efficiently and prepared Robert well for the transition. Hearing that Robert was enjoying maths in Set 1 of Year 7 several months after the move was the best news!


GCSE / A Level Tutor – Sep 2013 to present

- Over the past seven years, I have tutored over 50 students in the lead up to their GCSE/A Level exams (in Maths, Physics and Chemistry). My students have on average improved by one or two grades, for example, Christian achieved an A* in GCSE Chemistry after working with me for two hours each Saturday for several months and Jenny got an A* in A Level Further Maths after we spent around 50 hours together over several weeks ironing out some key topics she was struggling with.


University Entrance Exam Tutor - April 2018 to present

- I’ve been employed by the University of Cambridge and worked with a variety of international agencies to assist students throughout the University application process. With a particular specialism in guiding students to craft engaging personal statements, I’ve also held mock University maths interviews and run tutoring sessions for A Levels, STEP and the BMO.


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