Glenn Gordon

Inspirational, Passionate and Highly Motivated Tutor

£30 - £35 per hour

One To One and Online

Math's, English, History, Music Theory, Business Studies, Religious Studies, Geography.

Specalising in SATS, GCSE and 11+

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My motto is that, `Everyone is born with a natural gift. Just because it has not been discovered yet does not mean it doesn't exist'. I believe that all a person requires for learning is for someone to inspire them through having `Faith' in them. If we strive to leave a lasting legacy then shouldn't it be when someone with low self-esteem carries throughout the rest of their lives your words of encouragement and inspiration that led to their success? Most people remember their favourite teacher or someone who gave them hope in their worst moment of despair. I believe that achievement is the greatest motivator. What greater reward can there be when you have the power to lift the spirits of someone later in life during a moment of hopelessness and they recall your words? A seed planted in youth can grow to become something special later in life. We can leave material wealth behind after we have gone, but that can be corrupted and forgotten. If we leave behind our compassion and faith in someone it is a legacy written on their hearts to be passed on.

I have a wealth of experience of working with children and young people on a 1-to-1 basis, including tutoring remotely online. This has enabled me to accumulate an extensive variety of valuable resources individually adapted for each learner. This includes those with learning disabilities and mental health problems. I also diagnose ASD and dyslexia. As well as successfully teaching English and Maths, my subjects also include Functional Skills English and Maths and ECDL/ICT, History, Music Theory, Business Studies, Religious Studies, Geography, SATS and 11+. As well as homeschooling, I am also self employed during school holidays, supporting pupils in schools to gain better GCSE grades. With what we call our High 5 program, we guarantee to get each learner a GCSE grade C in 5 days in a range of subjects. My experience also includes Life Coaching. I have also taught English as a Foreign Language.

I also provide proofreading services on a range of written material, including university essays, dissertations and books and have recently completed editing an autobiography.

On a personal level, I am a writer and film maker with a 2.1 BA (Hons) Film and Media. My passions are music and writing as I come from a strong background in music, poetry and art. I like to keep myself fit and healthy so visit the gym regularly. I am often told that I have a natural rapport with children and young people. Perhaps it is because I can empathise with them as well as having a witty sense of humour. I also take a genuine interest in them and their hobbies and interests and what their ambitions are and hope that I can offer some guidance. I take pride in bringing out their true potential and setting them on the path to achieving their goals.

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