Fred Knounkou

£30-£35.00 per hour


GCSE and A Level

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I am a qualified Maths teacher with over 15 years teaching experience. I teach different levels ranging from year5 up to GCSE, IGCSE, A LEVEL and Undergraduate level (University level).I have also been teaching online for over 12 months now using zoom technology whiteboard and all my students have been enjoying it as it works perfectly well like the face to face tutoring.

I also teach international curriculums like American curriculum and many more.

I believe every child has a great potential in him/her that only needs to be stirred up in order to achieve outstanding results. I have seen it over and over again in the lives of many students i have taught over the years.

I know how to demystify Maths and make it easier to understand and enjoyable to the learner. I have helped many pupils achieve good grades in their exams, 95% of the students I work with achieve between A and A* grade.  

My approach is very simple, i assess the student first (initial assessment) and set up a plan to cover any gaps identified and strengthen their areas of improvement by doing a lot exam questions, past papers and challenging questions. I charge £30/hr from year4 up to GCSE, and £40/hr for A level.






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