Every day I count my lucky stars that all three of my off-spring have bagged their G.C.S.E and A level qualifications before the advent of the global Coronavirus pandemic. I cannot imagine the stress and sheer heartbreak of trying to support them as they battled to catch up with missed school work. Parents of 16 and 18 year olds today are facing exactly this nightmare scenario.

The March 2020 lock down saw an unprecedented rise in the number of students turning to private tuition to help bridge the learning gap. Keen to make up for lost time and skills, parents realised the simple benefits of securing a bespoke tutor to both raise achievement and boost confidence at a time when many young people were struggling to maintain focused and engaged in their studies.

The beauty of private tuition in today’s world is that it can be done virtually. No more dropping your child off at the tutor’s house in a frantic post- work rush or clearing space amongst the domestic rubble to accommodate a tutor in your home. Tuition nowadays avoids all such issues and most importantly it works!

As Christmas approaches, many of us wonder what the festive season will look like. It is hard today, 6 weeks ahead of the holiday season, to picture this most joyous of celebrations when the Prime Minister has just sanctioned a second lock down. Many of us are wondering about gifts and what to buy our families when we are possibly facing restrictions. So here is my ‘two penneth’ worth of advice as a tutor and mother of three teens. Instead of a gift card this Christmas, buy your teenager some private tuition lessons. You won’t regret it, I promise and they may even thank you for it come results day.